Lush Life - A Musical Chronology of Joseph Armand Castro

Lush Life
A Musical Chronology of Joseph Armand Castro 1927-1966
Dedicated to the memory of Joe Castro 1927-2009

Researched by Daniel Richard, written by Bret Sjerven.
Joe Castro’s oral history tapes transcribed by John Keane.
Editorial assistance by Dominique Bernard and John Keane.

In partnership with James Castro.

In February 2009, James Castro arranged a first meeting in Las Vegas with Sunnyside Records and James’s father Joe Castro in order to examine the possible publication of the tapes in the Castros’ possession, consisting of tapes produced at the residences of Doris Duke and sessions produced for Clover, the label Duke and Castro created together.

On December 13, 2009, Joseph Armand Castro passed away without being able to assist in listening, commenting and documenting this music together.

This chronology (which stops at the end of Castro’s relationship with Doris Duke) was created to help us consolidate information on these recordings that were done at Falcon Lair and Duke Farms between 1953 and 1960. These recordings are of two different kinds, rehearsals and jam sessions. Only a handful of these recordings were done for commercial purposes. Because some of the tapes were recorded over, some original recordings were lost. The information, when existing on the boxes, was generally incomplete and sometimes unreliable.

On the contrary most of the materials and information were preserved for the 1964 Doris Duke & Joe Castro label, Clover. However, the Atlantic recording materials bought by Clover are not complete.

Subject to technical and artistic quality, most of the material that survived will be released by Sunnyside Records. Most of this material has never been published before.

An updated discography will be issued with each new release.

This chronology is a work in progress. Any information, correction or comments will be more than welcome and all of them will be credited.

During this research, we crossed paths with many artists and actors who made history. Many of them are not the subject of any biography. We really hope that with the existence of this site, and with your help, we will be able to establish or collect information on these individuals, such as Al Akana, Marcelo Aspera, Al Baang, Bob Bertaux, Orrin Blattner, Modesto Briseño, Tom Brocato, Beverly Byrne, Eddie Caine, Howard Carroll, Vic Castellini, Ernie Chavez, Ben Chong, Bill Dillard, Morris Edwards, Treasure Ford, Gary Frommer, Richie Frost, Benny Glassman, John Gray, Buddy Greve, Pinky Guterres, Bruce Hamada, Flo Handy, Hank Jaramillo, Clarence Johnston, Frank Leal, Carl Lott, Dee Dee Lucido, Tom Marks, Larry McKenna, Bob Neel, Helen Perry, Ray Pohlman, Jimmy Pratt, Don Prell, Chris Ramos, Tommy Reynolds, Mike Romero, Eddie Shonk, Gloria Smith, Ted Sommer, Ray Tanaka, Ernie Washington….

Daniel Richard


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